Story behind Palette Maker

Palettemaker app was created as a pet project in 2022 by senior visual designer from Europe named Tanya Kondratyeva.

During long years of design experience Tanya had always used unusual and somewhat geeky approach to perform creative tasks. While exploring new ways to speed up the work flow, being a high-profile multi-disciplinary designer she found it time consuming to experiment with color schemes applied to finished design. While web is full of great color palettes, it’s unclear how palette will look in particular individual design, many times each case is unique, and if one palette looks good in illustration case, it might not in UI/UX design. For a while the solution was to play with Global Colors in Affinity Designer (for Graphic Design) and Styles in Figma (for UI/UX) to simulate quick control over color palette in specific design, it became clear there is even faster way to define best color palette if it would be visually accessible to see many cases at the same time. This is how the idea of Palette Maker was born. A simple tool where you can instantly and visually judge if the color scheme is good enough for your case.


Tanya is passionate Visual Designer based in Riga, Latvia. With 15+ years of experience worked in roles with the title and responsibilities of Creative Art Director, UX/UI Designer, Illustrator, Animation Artist, and have a background in Product Design for SaaS products. The rich experience allowed her to perform as solo designer in a remote teams. She is currently working on graphic/design-oriented products such as pfpmaker.com, logopony.com, and Mirror AI app


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