Almond Color

HEX color code is #EED9C4 and the RGB is 238, 217, 196

Almond makes a classic and sophisticated statement without any of the over-the-top vibrancy and brightness that other colors display. Its subtle and timeless elegance can be seen in Kate Hudson’s 2003 sparkly Atelier Versace gown that she wore to the Oscars.
How the color is made: To make Almond, mix very soft orange with white, the resulting color will be the cream hue of a blanched almond nut.

History: Almond has historically been a color of innocence and youth. Its pure pigment made it a color that was well-suited to be used when painting the pale complexions of young ladies and noble family portraits.

Color in Action

Almond colors can be seen in all types of fashion wear from puffer jackets and acetate sunglasses frames to silk slip dresses and leather purses. Even the Aldo shoe brand based in Montreal has incorporated Almond into its combat boots as a way to meld the dainty feminine with the robust masculine.
Use Almond colors in a living room area to bring light and spaciousness into the space because the hue has a natural lightness to it that makes it feel open and inviting. Amknd can also work well in a bathroom because of its warm undertone.

Almond Dress
Almond Nails
Almond Sofa

Colors that go with Almond

Match Almond with pale blue for a classic complementary color scheme, or try pairing it with grey, white, walnut, and vermilion for a snowy Christmas-inspired colored theme.

Almond Dress Color Combination
Almond Nails Color Combination
Almond Sofa Color Combination

Almond Color Palettes and Schemes

For a vintage 1950s color palette use Almond with bright red, carmine, turquoise, white, silver, and powder blue. This palette feels fun and lively because of the combination of warm colors, cooler hues, and neutrals that are complemented by the metallic silver elements.

Almond Dress Color Palette
Almond Nails Color Palette
Almond Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Plaid patterns with Almond, black, and white can feel traditional and familiar, while wallpapers with stripes in Almond, white, and brown can feel sophisticated

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton