Amaranth Color

HEX color code is #E86EAD and the RGB is 232, 110, 173

Amaranth is a popular color for activewear and gym clothes because its bright hue reflects the light in an energetic way, especially when used in fabrics like Lycra and Spandex. It is a color that has vibrance and energy which makes it ideal for any graphic designs or marketing materials that need to grab attention.

How the color is made: Combine very pale magenta with strong pink to create Amaranth’s rosy hue.

History: Because of Amaranth’s combination of red and pink hues it has traditionally been a color that is associated with feminine energy. It's also a color that is emblematic of seduction and desire.

Color in Action

There is no getting away from it, Amaranth is a sexy color. Oscar da la Renta designed a silk faille cross-over drape dress in an A-line design for Bergdorff’s that sold out within minutes of its launch. Amaranth’s intense blush tone makes it a popular color for both young and old celebrities to wear to the Oscars. Dame Helen Mirren wore a gauzy Amaranth Haute Couture gown designed by Schiaparelli, while Linda Cardellini wore a ruffled Amaranth dress.
While many people may recognize Amaranth as the color used in the Barbie logo, they may not realize that Amarnath is used by many other well-known brands too. For instance, the smile face on LG’s logo is Amaranth, and so too is the bell in Taco Bell.

Amaranth Dress
Amaranth Nails
Amaranth Sofa

Colors that go with Amaranth

Match Amaranth with soft cyan and soft blue for a split complementray color scheme that is playful and bright.

Amaranth Dress Color Combination
Amaranth Nails Color Combination
Amaranth Sofa Color Combination

Amaranth Color Palettes and Schemes

Amaranth, very dark pink, bright pink, and very soft pink cns be used to create a gorgeous ombre effect because of theirt pleasing monochromatic hues.

Amaranth Dress Color Palette
Amaranth Nails Color Palette
Amaranth Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

For an unconventional look, use Amaranth in an animal print pattern with either white or black contrasts.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton