Amber Color

HEX color code is #FFBF00 and the RGB is 255, 191, 0

A slightly dark yellow color that is not only beautiful as its gemstone origins, but it is also a beautiful name for you daughter. Amber was, and is still, used in multiple art forms to convey happiness.

How the color is made: start off with a yellow base, then add some red to achieve this beautiful hue. Amber in RGB color space is made up of 255/255 red (~100.0% of red), 191/255 green (~74.9% of green), 0/255 blue (~0.0% of blue). And in CMYK color space, it is made up of 25% magenta, 100% yellow, with no cyan or black.

History: amber color was closely related to the material, amber, which was used extensively throughout history due to its beautiful color. One of the greatest mysteries of the world was amber room, a room which was a gift from Peter the Great during peace between Russia and Prussia in the 18th century. Notably, the traffic light yellow is actually amber rather than yellow, the same color is used in lighting theatres. Now amber is a popular color in sports, so you can find it in many teams throughout the world.

Color in Action

Amber is a shade of yellow, so it takes some its qualities, such as happiness, energy and confidence. Yet it adds more unique features like spontaneity making amber a bit more welcoming than yellow, and due to its dark tone, it is less harsh on the eye than vibrant yellow.

Amber Dress
Amber Nails
Amber Sofa

Colors that go with Amber

A direct complement to amber is blue, and using it would absorb some of ambers temperature and adds more interest to your graphic. Also, you can pair amber with yellow, gold, orange, and red-orange to create some sense of harmony. Amber works well with vibrant greens, pinks and dark crimson.

Amber Dress Color Combination
Amber Nails Color Combination
Amber Sofa Color Combination

Amber Color Palettes and Schemes

To create an analogous color palette, use amber with yellows, oranges, and maroon. Use it as a main color with beige, cream and white to create a sunny look. But for a more alive palette, use it with greens such as olive green or matcha.

Amber Dress Color Palette
Amber Nails Color Palette
Amber Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Patterns of nature can be painted or even based on amber, but geometric patterns look also good in our youthful color. These patterns can serve as wallpapers for both screens and in real-life. Amber can be used as a background color for paintings capturing sunsets, as the color is a yellow but it is darker.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton