Apple Green Color

HEX color code is #76CD26 and the RGB is 118, 205, 38

It is apparent how apple green is abundant in nature as it is the color of green apples. This green hue is also produced by many other plants as the color of leave and young branches. Green itself symbolizes growth and life; yet apple green adds some divinity to the mix. Apple green is connected to health and prosperity (as all green colors are).

How the color is made: it is mostly green but it contains some red and a small trace of blue. Its RGB components: 118/255 red (~46% of red), 205/255 green (~80% of green), 38/255 blue (~15% of blue). Or it can be created by mixing cyan (not so much) with yellow.

History: Honestly, apple green deserves to be treated as celestial as turquoise and green (these are very close to apple green) were associated with Artemis, Greek goddess of nature. Now, it can be used as a primary color in interior design.

Color in Action

Apple green got its name from apples (green ones specifically), yet it can be seen not only in green apples; but also in other plants coloring various parts. Green colors can be seen in food/drinks companies' logos such as Whole Foods and Starbucks.
But apple green can be used in internal decorations, fashion (especially hair dyes), and also in food/drink coloring (which gives them a very fresh feeling).

Apple Green Dress
Apple Green Nails
Apple Green Sofa

Colors that go with Apple Green

Apple green works well with whites, silver, and light grays. But it creates a vibrant contrast when using it with blue-violet. But for a lively vibe, it can be used with other greens such a lime green and dark shades of yellow. Also, it perfectly harmonize with other dark colors such as pink, and celtic blue.

Apple Green Dress Color Combination
Apple Green Nails Color Combination
Apple Green Sofa Color Combination

Apple Green Color Palettes and Schemes

All the previously mentioned colors can be used alongside apple green to create great color palettes. But when choosing a palette containing apple green, some colors aren't perfect such as vibrant hot colors (red, orange, ...).

Apple Green Dress Color Palette
Apple Green Nails Color Palette
Apple Green Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Natural patterns and views are perfect when colored with apple green. As it gives a vibe of youth, freshness, and motion.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton