Apricot Color

HEX color code is #FBCEB1 and the RGB is 251, 206, 177

Apricot isn't only a delicious fruit, or a beautiful girls' name. It is also a magnificent hue that is versatile and timeless.

How the color is made: in wet media apricot is made by mixing cadmium yellow with tiny amounts of red and yellow ochre. And in RGB color space, it is composed of 251/255 red (~98.43% of red), 206/255 green (~80.78% of green), 177/255 blue (~69.41% of blue). And in CMYK color space, its CMYK components are 17% magenta, 29% yellow, and 1% black, without any cyan.

History: the color took its name form the fruit which have an Arabic root. And the first time it was used in English was in the middle of the 19th century. Now the color is popular in fashion and interior design, as both a primary color and an accent, with extensive use in cosmetics as it is close to human skin color.

Color in Action

Apricot is a color that is close to orange, meaning it takes some its associations in moderation. It is an energizing color that evokes the emotion and lift up your mood. The color is considered a unisex color in fashion and perfect suits all skin-tones. In interiors, the color will elevate the aura of the room and create an energizing vibe. It is odd to say the color is delicious as the fruit, I guess whenever you see the color you'd remember the softness and taste of apricot.

Apricot Dress
Apricot Nails
Apricot Sofa

Colors that go with Apricot

Great colors that perfectly match apricot are soft blues such as Colombia blue, and together the create an atmosphere that is equally tranquilizing and soul-elevating. Apricot works well with other fruity colors such as light banana yellow, peach and light pink, together they create a juicy and appetizing palette. It also works well with pastels such as mauve, lavender, light mint, and menthol.

Apricot Dress Color Combination
Apricot Nails Color Combination
Apricot Sofa Color Combination

Apricot Color Palettes and Schemes

To create a soft color palette, use apricot alongside pastels. Yet to balance the warmth of this hue, you need to use a cool color such as Colombia blue, but lavender and mauve can suffice here as the appear cooler beside apricot. Use light neutrals such as cream or ivory to create a modern and timeless palette.

Apricot Dress Color Palette
Apricot Nails Color Palette
Apricot Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Apricot, unlike vibrant warm colors, can be used as a background color for different kinds of graphics, and it will not overwhelm the viewer of your piece. Patterns of fruits are great when rendered in this hue, yet gradients with other pastels create some interest worthy of hanging in your wall. Beside gradients; the plain color, patterns or graphics based on apricot create fantastic wallpapers that ensure not body's eye get hurt by seeing them.

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Abstract Lines
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