Aqua Color

HEX color code is #76D4DF and the RGB is 118, 212, 223

Aqua is Latin for water, so the color is a vibrant blue color that gives a sense of tranquility and comfort without taking any sadness out of the blue.

How the color is made: aqua is made by lightening blue with some white. In screens, the color is used interchangeably with cyan, even though they are completely different hues in physical media. And in RGB color space, it is composed of 118/255 red (~46.27% of red), 212/255 green (~83.14% of green), 223/255 blue (~87.45% of blue). And in CMYK color space, it is composed of 47% cyan, 4% magenta, and 12% black, with no yellow.

History: aqua doesn't have an extensive history compared to other blues, the first blue dye was produced in Ancient Egypt, and from that time you can see different hues of blue in various art forms. But aqua came into vogue in the 1990s with web pages, as the color was synonymous with water, ironically a thing, that don't go well with electronics.

Color in Action

What do yo feel when being near waters, open ocean and beach, retiring from what you're been doing and simply chilling? It is a great feeling of comfort, blended with joy and happiness. Aqua is also a color of relaxation, imagination, mental clarity, and innovation, and that's why great ideas emerge in such situations, and surrounding yourself with aqua will ensure invoking these association, making it a color of clear-headedness and meditations.

Aqua Dress
Aqua Nails
Aqua Sofa

Colors that go with Aqua

Aqua works well with other watery color like blue, ultramarine, sea green, as well as various other shades of green, as these hues are actually analogous to aqua. But the best color dynamics can be achieved by the usage of dark warm color, as these will complement aqua and add some warmth to your color palette, dark pale pink is particularly interesting for this purpose. Other colors that also goes along with aqua are pastel tan, deep mauve and orchid.

Aqua Dress Color Combination
Aqua Nails Color Combination
Aqua Sofa Color Combination

Aqua Color Palettes and Schemes

For anime fans, there is a beautiful Japanese song called "aqua iro palette", or aqua-colored palette, what is more beautiful than such a name for a song?.

Aqua Dress Color Palette
Aqua Nails Color Palette
Aqua Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

To create a great color palette, use blues and greens with aqua, and this will create a beach vibe. You can add a warm color such as pink or orange to add some warmth to your palette. Deep mauve and violet will add some mystery and hidden power that can be sensed in the surface of your palette.

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