Aqua Blue Color

HEX color code is #79B6BC and the RGB is 121, 182, 188

Aqua Blue is a color that mimics underwater fantasies and cool tropical beachy climates, but it is also a fun color that can create a sense of weightlessness and freedom when used in tulle dresses and Auqa Blue suits that harken back to the high fashion of the 1970s.

How the color is made: Aqua Blue is made by adding almost White Cyan and Dark Cyan together to achieve a color that looks like the diaphanous tails of Blue Delta Guppies.

History: Historically, Aqua Blue was associated with peace, coolness, and masculinity. It was used in images that portrayed the bravery of explorers who undertook sea voyages, like Sines’ 1469 portrait of Vasco da Gama.

Color in Action

If you want to stand out in a crowd then Aqua Blue is the color to wear. Kim Kardashian’s 2022 Oscar dress had simple styling and a matte look that is uncustomary for the event and her typical look but the Aqua Blue color of the Balenciaga gown made it an instant showstopper.
Use Aqua Blue in the decor for a nursery or children’s playroom because the color is calming and fun. Aqua Blue throw pillows on a Dark Brown leather couch will immediately liven up the space and make it feel marvelous.

Aqua Blue Dress
Aqua Blue Nails
Aqua Blue Sofa

Colors that go with Aqua Blue

Pair Aqua Blue with a slightly desaturated Red to temper the Blue’s cool feel. This complementary color scheme contrasts subtle warm hues with the Blue which can make a design feel distant or depressing.

Aqua Blue Dress Color Combination
Aqua Blue Nails Color Combination
Aqua Blue Sofa Color Combination

Aqua Blue Color Palettes and Schemes

Create a monochromatic color palette with Aqua Blue by adding in colors like Deep Aqua, Teal, and Aqua Foam to mimic the coolness of the ocean.

Aqua Blue Dress Color Palette
Aqua Blue Nails Color Palette
Aqua Blue Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

An ogee pattern with Aqua Blue and Burnt Orange will look lively and mesmerizing, while a wallpaper with desaturated Yellow, and desaturated Magenta in a plaid pattern can feel like a scholastic play with unique hues.

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