Army Green Color

HEX color code is #4B5320 and the RGB is 75, 83, 32

From cargo pants to utility jackets and quilted leather purses, Army Green is coming fast and strong this season. And fashionistas are embracing the trend wholeheartedly because of Army Green’s versatility and luxe grunge appeal. Army Green is almost a neutral color because it can pair well with most other colors, but is still definitely Green.

How the color is made: Make Army green by mixing Dark Moderate (almost olive) Yellow with Black to achieve a dark dusty Green that works well as camouflage.

History: Historically, Army Green was used by the military as a way to camouflage the soldiers when out on the battlefield. The Army Green was usually incorporated into a mottled design with other muted Greens, Browns, and Black to replicate the look of grass and shadows.

Color in Action

Though Army Green and military-style fashion peaked in the 90s its influence in the fashion industry can be traced back to the 1950s when army surplus stores became a source of cheap but durable fashion after World War II. Army Green became quite popular in the 1960s as field combat jackets were worn by more youth and hippies.
An interior space that is decorated with Army Green can feel muted and relaxing particularly if there are other colors like Cream, Navy Blue, Slate Blue, and Antique Bronze present in other elements in the room.

Army Green Dress
Army Green Nails
Army Green Sofa

Colors that go with Army Green

Match Army Green with Very Dark Blue to complement the warmth and depth of the Green. This will give a design a cohesive feel while also using the muteness to its advantage.

Army Green Dress Color Combination
Army Green Nails Color Combination
Army Green Sofa Color Combination

Army Green Color Palettes and Schemes

Color palettes with Brown and Green tones will work well the Army Green as is seen with the unified look of the military uniforms and vehicles.

Army Green Dress Color Palette
Army Green Nails Color Palette
Army Green Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

A wallpaper with paisley designs in Army Green, Pink, Gold, and Cream will create a look that feels unique as the feminine and masculine colors work together.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
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