Auburn Color

HEX color code is #79351F and the RGB is 121, 53, 31

An interesting shade of brown that is a natural hair color, and a hair dye that works well regardless of your skin tone.

How the color is made: auburn can be achieved by mixing burnt amber with gold to white base. And in RGB color space, it is made up of 121/255 red (~47.45% of red), 53/255 green (~20.78% of green), 31/255 blue (~12.16% of blue). And in CMYK color space, it amounts to 56% magenta, 74% yellow, and 52% black, without any cyan added to the mix.

History: the name originated from French in the 15th century meaning off-white, yet the meaning shifted for describing brown hair color or more specifically reddish brown. And because the color is a natural hair color we can see it in portraits throughout history, let alone its usage as a hair dye in the fashion world.

Color in Action

The color is close to both brown and red, so it takes red call-of-action, passion and aggression; and combine it with brown's humbleness, credibility and solidness. Making it an assertive color that makes the its user full of life but taking measured steps as an approach for living. Auburn can be used in furniture as a replacement for browns as it will appear more welcoming than the solid color.

Auburn Dress
Auburn Nails
Auburn Sofa

Colors that go with Auburn

Auburn due to its warm undertone, it works well with blues, and a direct complementary is sapphire blue, yet it goes well with other dark blue such as dark cyan turquoise, indigo and medium dark shades of magenta. Auburn works extremely well with nearby colors like saddle brown, burgundy and claret, especially with a soft pastel base.

Auburn Dress Color Combination
Auburn Nails Color Combination
Auburn Sofa Color Combination

Auburn Color Palettes and Schemes

With various shades of brown, auburn creates an autumn feeling that is so refreshing. Yet with black and dark grays like onyx, it makes a luxurious feeling that is beyond comprehension, to understand that you have to see an auburn-headed human in black. Add a blue to create a dynamic color palette that is cooling and warming at the same time.

Auburn Dress Color Palette
Auburn Nails Color Palette
Auburn Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Wavy patterns seem like an obvious choice for auburn, yet natural patterns based on auburn with a green and a colorful violet would be as amazing. The color can be used in backgrounds for hair, or for autumn scenes. And graphics having auburn will ensure to add some passion to your place without the added intensity of vibrant warm colors.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
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