Azul Turquesa Color

HEX color code is #6ABAC4 and the RGB is 106, 186, 196

Azul Turquesa is associated with tropical islands and clear oceans where enchanting sea life can be seen when doing diving activities. The Caribbean Islands are famous for their clear Azul Turquesa waters where glass bottom boat tours are a bucket list activity for many tourists. Turquoise gems are semi-precious stones that best display the Azul Turquesa color.

How the color is made: Azul Turquesa is a combination of very Pale Cyan and Dark Cyan which gives it an earthy tone.

History: Traditionally, Azul Turquesa was believed to have supernatural powers that aided effective communication. Kings, Pharaohs, and tribal leaders wore Azul Turquesa adornments to aid them in their leadership as they believed it endowed them with wisdom and eloquent speech.

Color in Action

Today, Azul Turquesa is used in clothing to create a sense of calm and creativity. Azul Turquesa feature in the Fall/Winter collection of designers like Nina Ricci and Valentino in coat designs and feminine suits.
Azul Turquesa can also be seen as statement pieces in home decor whether it is incorporated in a bright faux leather couch or as full bedspread sets, to create a calming space where people can unwind after a busy day.

Azul Turquesa Dress
Azul Turquesa Nails
Azul Turquesa Sofa

Colors that go with Azul Turquesa

Match Azul Turquesa with a muted Grayish Orange and Very Dark Blue to create a triadic color scheme that feels unique and proportional. This type of color combination mimics the sand beach that touches the Azul Turquesa ocean to create a relaxing mood.

Azul Turquesa Dress Color Combination
Azul Turquesa Nails Color Combination
Azul Turquesa Sofa Color Combination

Azul Turquesa Color Palettes and Schemes

A darker hue of Azuil Turquesa is a Grayish Cyan that will help to make a room feel harmonious and contemplative. This tonal play with Azul Turquesa might actually be ideal when designing a meditation space because of its soothing aura.

Azul Turquesa Dress Color Palette
Azul Turquesa Nails Color Palette
Azul Turquesa Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Circular patterns done in Azul Turquesa and Brown will create a mood that feels expansive and creative.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton