Blue Violet Color

HEX color code is #3532B2 and the RGB is 53, 50, 178

If you were looking for a color that elicits thoughts of ordained royalty and heavenly beings, then Blue Violet is the color you’re looking for. It’s a color associated with the night sky and mysterious occurrences, as depicted in the Fresca painted on the ceiling of the Sala Bologna of the twelve constellations of the zodiac.

How the color is made: Blue Violet is created by mixing Light Violet with Very Dark Blue to make a color that speaks of regal heritage.

History: Blue Violet was traditionally reserved for deities and royalty because it was typically associated with justice and divine knowledge.

Color in Action

Blue Violet is a color that is often used in corporate branding nowadays because of its suggestion of loyalty, contemplation, and intelligence. The Purple hue in Blue Violet also creates a sense of inspiration and mysticism which companies can use to hint at their creativity when problem-solving.
Evening dresses in Blue Viloet with gold and pearl beading create a feeling of majesty and grandeur, while a simple bomber jacket in Blue Violet will add interesting detail to an outfit.

Blue Violet Dress
Blue Violet Nails
Blue Violet Sofa

Colors that go with Blue Violet

Pair Blue Violet with Mustard Yellow and Medium Dark Green to make a color scheme that feels old-school with a touch of modern eclectic chic.

Blue Violet Dress Color Combination
Blue Violet Nails Color Combination
Blue Violet Sofa Color Combination

Blue Violet Color Palettes and Schemes

A monochromatic color palette with blue Violet can span as far as Light Grayish Blue on the light end, and Very Dark Blue on the deeper end. This type of palette emphasizes the coolness of Blue Violet and offers the chance to move from an aggressive vibe to a downy feel in one band of color.

Blue Violet Dress Color Palette
Blue Violet Nails Color Palette
Blue Violet Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

A gingham pattern in Blue Violet speaks of Summer picnics and catching fireflies. A wallpaper in Blue Violet and White design creates a French provincial style in a room.

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Abstract Lines
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