Brass Color

HEX color code is #B1A342 and the RGB is 177, 163, 66

Brass is a metallic greeny red color, it can be found in nature covering some stones as oxidized layers of impure copper.
Brass gives a look of earth and metals without being too shiny. And we all know that metallic looks can be eye-stressing, but brass helps in avoiding that without compromising the gorgeous looks of metals.

How the color is made: brass, the metallic compound, is made by mixing copper with tin, which takes some red out of the copper and silvery look out of tin. But graphically speaking it is made in RGB by mixing two thirds of red with almost same amount of green and some blue which can be seen in its RGB components: 177/255 red (~69% of red), 163/255 green (~64% of green), 66/255 blue (~26% of blue). But it is hard to get the exact CMYK equivalent which is close to a mix of 8% magenta, 63% of yellow and 31% black.

History: brass can be found in ancient civilizations as it was used as a metal in basic tool due to its durability, and in modern times it can be found in statues, carvings and metal artwork both as a main color and an accent.
Occurence: It can be found in kitchens coloring refrigerators, microwaves, ovens and even other house decorative parts.

Color in Action

Metallic looks symbolize practicality, boldness and dependability. So, it can be used in places where you need to trust the tool you are using, be it a kitchen tool or even your phone. Also, it looks somehow dirt-resistant; so you'll find it a lot in foot wear!

Brass Dress
Brass Nails
Brass Sofa

Colors that go with Brass

Other earth colors are great matches for brass, especially bronze, muddy brown, khaki, and dark shades of yellow. Other metallic colors such as silver and gold (preferably dark shades) also work well with bronze.

Brass Dress Color Combination
Brass Nails Color Combination
Brass Sofa Color Combination

Brass Color Palettes and Schemes

All the colors mentioned above create analogous palettes with brass; but to create more dynamic contrast between your palettes use cool colors such as violet blue, steel blue and purple. But make sure to add a creamy soft color to the mix to play as a great mixture medium.

Brass Dress Color Palette
Brass Nails Color Palette
Brass Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Geometric patterns especially those containing round shapes are perfectly rendered with brass. Brass can be used as a background color for mysterious desert vibes (at dusk and dawn times) which make up for really great computer wallpapers. Brass can be seen in the backgrounds of many video games, because it often have great contrast with colors used for characters.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton