Brick Color

HEX color code is #BC4A3C and the RGB is 188, 74, 60

Urban Cowboy is probably the best phrase to describe the color Brick because it has the robustness of the outdoors while also capturing the warmth of homespun charm. Brick has a naturally Deep Red tone that makes it ideal for use as a base color even though it is not considered neutral.

How the color is made: Brick is made by mixing a very Light (almost peachy) Red with Very Dark Red, to create the iconic color of London’s red-brick buildings.

History: Historically, Brick was used as a color for the robes worn by cardinals and priests in the catholic church because its depth was associated with divine wisdom and authority.

Color in Action

Brick works well in anything that is created in leather because of its durable appeal, think of Brick-colored boots or a leather quilted Brick-colored handbag. Brick is considered a timeless color because of its versatility and universal appeal.
Raw red brick in a living room can bring a little bit of the outdoors inside with its arcadian charm and can make a room feel lived-in and welcoming. Brick is a fantastic color when used in fabrics that have berry-like designs because it brings nature into the room without feeling dated and kitschy.

Brick Dress
Brick Nails
Brick Sofa

Colors that go with Brick

Moderate Cyan is a perfect complementary color for Brick because its cool undertone balances the robust warmth of Brick. Brick with Moderate Pink and Golden Orange colors creates an analogous color scheme that feels refined and also perky at the same time.

Brick Dress Color Combination
Brick Nails Color Combination
Brick Sofa Color Combination

Brick Color Palettes and Schemes

Brick with a muted desaturated Red is the ideal color palette for deeply sensual Valentine-type designs and elicits feelings of passion and devotion.

Brick Dress Color Palette
Brick Nails Color Palette
Brick Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

A basketweave pattern in Brick will add to the rustic pastoral charm of this earthy color, while a wallpaper with a Mustard Yellow and Cream White ogee pattern gives a space a genial vibe.

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