Bronze Color

HEX color code is #D49537 and the RGB is 212, 149, 55

A metallic brown color that resembles the average color of the bronze alloy, the main material used to craft 3rd prizes and many statutes throughout history.

How the color is made: bronze can be made by mixing gold, red, white with a brown base.And in RGB color space, it is made up of 212/255 red (~83.14% of red), 149/255 green (~58.43% of green), 55/255 blue (~21.57% of blue). And in CMYK color space, its components are 29% magenta, 74% yellow, and 16% black, without any cyan.

History: the alloy's history is deeply interconnected with that of color's, as the metal was used to craft statues and figurines for quite a while, from Ancient Greece and Rome to China. The first use case of the word to describe the color in English was in 1753. Now the color is used in many area, from metallic objects, such as bronze prizes, to fashion.

Color in Action

The color is close to brown which is a color of solidness, earthiness, maturity and humbleness. Though the artistic and practical usage of bronze transfers to the color, creating a blend of features that make it predominant in metallic objects. The color is also associated with security and groundedness as it is a earthy color. Besides being a sign of success, dedication and hard-work.

Bronze Dress
Bronze Nails
Bronze Sofa

Colors that go with Bronze

Like many warm colors, the complementary of bronze is a mid-tone blue shade, and together they make great blend of stability and comfort, that is also true for slightly darker or slightly lighter shades of blue. Bronze works well with similar colors such as yellowish olive green, and slightly pale rust. But it works well with somehow distant colors such as dark magenta, deep pink, sea green and orchid.

Bronze Dress Color Combination
Bronze Nails Color Combination
Bronze Sofa Color Combination

Bronze Color Palettes and Schemes

Shades of browns alongside bronze, with muted yellows as accents can create an autumn vibe. Using bronze in a blue-based color palette, add some interest and solidity to the picture. And using some greens or greenish colors will create a lively look and feeling to your palette.

Bronze Dress Color Palette
Bronze Nails Color Palette
Bronze Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Geometric patterns suits bronze and further intensify its solidity, yet I find fish scales particularly interesting. The color is great to use as a background color for anything you wish to add a metallic look to, but not settling for a shiny color such as gold or silver. The color may seem a little bit dull for a wallpaper, yet you can use a pattern or a gradient instead.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton