Brown Color

HEX color code is #964B00 and the RGB is 150, 75, 0

Brown is the most seen hue down bellow, it is the color of earth and tree trunks, which make it a color of groundedness, solidity and security.

How the color is made: brown is considered a dark orange, and it can be made by mixing the three primary colors in the classical RYB color system. And in RGB color space, it is comprised of 150/255 red (~58.82% of red), 75/255 green (~29.41% of green), with no blue. And in CMYK color space, its components are 49% magenta, 100% yellow, and 41% black, without any cyan added.

History: the color brown was first used in English in the 14th century derived from common Germanic meaning dark and dusky. And in other language it is based on brown food like chocolate, coffee and chestnut. In art though, the color had been used for quite a while, and the first use of brown was 40,000 B.C. to paint animals. In Ancient Egypt, it was used to color cloths and skin tones, and vases in Ancient Greece, it was used to paint vases. Fast forward, a red-brown ink called sepia was made by Romans, and was used by Da Vinci and Raphael in their artworks. In the baroque era, it was fashionable as we can see in portraits. In modern times, the color fall out of fame, as impressionists preferred more vibrant colors, yet it is more used in cloths and bags as brown dyes were inexpensive.

Color in Action

Brown is a down-the-earth color, and it is a sign of humbleness, safety, reliability and honesty. The color is timeless, abundant, and seems as practical choice for many commodity. The color brown can seem somehow dull, conservative, isolative, lonely and sad. Hence, make sure to keep an eye for the negative connotations so you don't communicate the wrong message.

Brown Dress
Brown Nails
Brown Sofa

Colors that go with Brown

Colors that work well with brown are similar colors such as dark yellow, crimson red, maroon and burgundy. Yet brown goes along with its complementary color blue and colors around it like light blue, violet, turquoise and deep rose. Also, it works well with green colors such as spanish green and dark lime green.

Brown Dress Color Combination
Brown Nails Color Combination
Brown Sofa Color Combination

Brown Color Palettes and Schemes

Try to add various shades of brown, tan, maroon, burgundy, and beige to create a color palette that resonant and harmonious which brings a feeling of earth and solidness wherever put, or to give an antique vibe to your drawings. In interior design, using mid-tone grays as primaries and using brown as a secondary color can help you take the good parts of the color without loosing any sense of modernism. Use some greens with brown to add some life to your color palettes!

Brown Dress Color Palette
Brown Nails Color Palette
Brown Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Brown can be used as a background for different visuals, and for that matter it is a background for the ground itself. Patterns both organic and geometric can be rendered in brown, as the color of earth is for sure lively, and the solidness make it a great choice for geometrics. What is more beautiful than a landscape as a wallpaper? Brown is assured to be a predominant color in such a paining, and it will give a great sturdiness, and sure some life.

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