Buff Color

HEX color code is #F0DC82 and the RGB is 240, 220, 130

The warm and modest golden hue of Bluff makes it a popular color for use in animations. The recent collaboration between Studio Ghibli (an acclaimed Japanese animation film studio) and Spanish luxury handbag designer, Maison Loewe saw the color Buff as the dominant colorway on all the limited edition pieces.

How the color is made: Buff is made with White and Vivid Yellow that gives it a subtle golden hue.

History: Because of Buff’s golden tone it was a color often associated with radiance and joy, which is evident in Renaissance paintings with people wearing crowns or deities adorned by halos.

Color in Action

Whether at award shows or simply worn around town, Buff is an in-vogue color in all seasons. In fact, Bottega Veneta has an entire range of Buff-colored dresses in fabrics ranging from rib knits to pleather-look coat dresses in celebration of this understated hue.
Buff is a color that tends to balance out other colors particularly when the other colors are vibrant. Just take the painting by Wassily Kandinsky (1924) titled “Yellow Accompaniment” where the striking play of colors and shapes is stabilized by the Buff background in the image.

Buff Dress
Buff Nails
Buff Sofa

Colors that go with Buff

Buff comes alive when paired with Soft Blue because it looks like a clear summer sky. An analogous pairing with Soft Orange and Soft Green gives Buff a citrus look that feels refreshing.

Buff Dress Color Combination
Buff Nails Color Combination
Buff Sofa Color Combination

Buff Color Palettes and Schemes

Because Buff is a soft Gold color it can be lightened to a delicate Pastel Yellow or darkened to a deep Golden Brown that looks like gilding on antique mirrors, which is one more thing that makes Buff such a charming color.

Buff Dress Color Palette
Buff Nails Color Palette
Buff Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

A chinoiserie pattern with Chinese motifs in Buff will add an ornate and ancient feel to any design, while a Buff and Navy Blue wallpaper in a nursery will have a calming effect.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton