Camel Color

HEX color code is #C19A6B and the RGB is 193, 154, 107

Of course, Camel is the color of the fur of the hump-backed pack animal of the same name, but it is also so much more than that. Camel is also the color of the iconic leather jacket Jenifer Aniston wore in the “Friends” episode where she bought a Sphinx cat for $1000. Though the cat was the central joke, no one was laughing at the fantastic Camel-colored jacket because it was a masterpiece.

How the color is made: To make camel mix dark brown-toned orange with very pale yellow to produce a golden brown.

History: The sandy color of Camel was a color typically associated with wood or ground and was considered one of nature's foundational colors. Camel can of course be seen in antique portraits that have animals as the main subject like Edward Hicks’ “The Peaceable Kingdom” (1826).

Color in Action

Camel-colored leather is an amazing fabric that is used in fashion. With the improved manufacturing processes that are currently available synthetic leather products can be dyed in any variation of Camel that a designer can come up with. Because Camel is considered one of the lighter neutral colors it is often the one that is seen in just about every new collection that comes out each year.
Camel works well in the home interior and office interior. It is much warmer than the typical grays and blacks that companies tend to go for and is therefore an option that makes employees feel more relaxed and productive.

Camel Dress
Camel Nails
Camel Sofa

Colors that go with Camel

Slightly desaturated violet and slightly desaturated green can be paired with Camel in a triadic color scheme that feels polymorphic and unique.

Camel Dress Color Combination
Camel Nails Color Combination
Camel Sofa Color Combination

Camel Color Palettes and Schemes

Camel’s monochrome color palette includes dark moderate orange and sandy orange to create a stylish mood.

Camel Dress Color Palette
Camel Nails Color Palette
Camel Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

A tartan pattern with Camel, cream, blue, and navy will have a classic look that also feels original and quirky.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton