Candy Color

HEX color code is #E0A2B4 and the RGB is 224, 162, 180

Slice open a perfectly ripe fig and the delicious juicy pink flesh you'll see will be the color of Candy. Candy is a color associated with femininity and good health and was chosen as the token color for breast cancer awareness in 1992. Candy is a playful and engaging color that creates a light-hearted mood.

How the color is made: The Candy color is made by combining a Moderate Deep Pink with White to create a color that is delectable for the eyes.

History: Historically Candy colored clothing was worn by the upper classes in countries across Central Asia and Europe as a way to differentiate their higher social status.

Color in Action

Candy is a color associated with femininity and good health and was chosen as the token color for Breast Cancer awareness in 1992. Every year in October people across the world wear Candy clothing and dye their hair a captivating Candy Pink in support of Breast Cancer sufferers and survivors.
A room that is painted in a soft Candy can create a calm and nurturing feeling. In the Stanza of the Signatura two of Raphael’s cardinal virtues, Temperance and Fortitude, are depicted as women clothed in Candy-colored dresses, to signify their tenderness and sustenance for the human soul.

Candy Dress
Candy Nails
Candy Sofa

Colors that go with Candy

When Candy is included in a tetradic color scheme that contains Very Soft Violet, Very Soft Green, and Very Soft Lime Green an airy happy vibe is designed.

Candy Dress Color Combination
Candy Nails Color Combination
Candy Sofa Color Combination

Candy Color Palettes and Schemes

A color palette that includes Candy as its base and spreads out across tonal ranges to include Light Grayish Pink on one end and Dark Desaturated Pink on the other results in a palette that feels feminine and malleable.

Candy Dress Color Palette
Candy Nails Color Palette
Candy Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Wallpapers with Broad candy and White stripes work well in a nursery, while a Candy, Cream, and Pastel Pink argyle pattern looks trendy.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton