Caramel Color

HEX color code is #FFD59A and the RGB is 255, 213, 154

Caramel is a Light Orange color that looks smooth and inviting like a delicious caramel-dipped ice cream cone. Caramel leather jackets are the ultimate in luxury accessories because of their supple look and dewy hue. Carmel is a color that is associated with class and finesse, whether used in fashion or the interior of a luxury sports car.

How the color is made: Mix Light Orange into a White pigment and you’ll get a smooth and creamy Caramel color that looks like the hair of a sun-kissed angel.

History: Caramel was traditionally a color associated with glowing youth and cheeriness. It can often be seen in the lustrous hair of angels and cherubs in Renaissance portraiture.

Color in Action

Look for Caramel boots and designer bags in fashion boutiques and clothing retailers. The versatility of Caramel in fashion design means it can be incorporated in many ways and across all types of fashion from haute couture to street style.
Caramel couches, curtains, and headboards are all the rage in interior design because it brightens a room while still making a statement. Caramel looks exceptionally luminous and radiant when used with fabrics like satin, silk, lame, and cire because the light is easily reflected.

Caramel Dress
Caramel Nails
Caramel Sofa

Colors that go with Caramel

Match Caramel in a triadic color scheme with Light Violet and Light Lime Green for a look that feels contemporary and uplifting.

Caramel Dress Color Combination
Caramel Nails Color Combination
Caramel Sofa Color Combination

Caramel Color Palettes and Schemes

Caramel works well in monochromatic color palettes that include colors like Vivid Orange and Very Pale Orange to produce a feeling of comfort and joviality.

Caramel Dress Color Palette
Caramel Nails Color Palette
Caramel Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Wallpapers with Caramel and Bronze stripes create a stylish look in a room, while brocade designs with Bottle Green and Gold filigree have a feel of lavishness and splendor. Try a tartan design with a Caramel base, and Red and Black stripes for a twist on the original pattern.

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Abstract Lines
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