Celeste Color

HEX color code is #B2FFFF and the RGB is 178, 255, 255

The name Celeste comes from the Italian word for sky. It is a light slightly turquoise blue that feels fresh and carefree. Oscar de la Renta designed an exquisite fit and flare dress in Celeste blue and black florals that is to die for. Celeste’s cool undertone makes it a color that complements all skin tones and hair colors and makes it a favorite color for evening wear.

How the color is made: Mix light cyan with white to achieve the mystical color of Celeste.

History: Celeste was a color traditionally associated with heaven and God. It can be seen in several of Raphael’s Stanzas in the Sistine Chapel where the sky is painted with a radiant light blue.

Color in Action

A Celeste blue floral printed dress will have a Summery and flirtatious feel. On the other hand, a Celeste linen suit with a crisp white shirt will have a sophisticated vibe that can work well in the boardroom or as a formal outfit for a business lunch.
A trend from the late 90s was to paint the ceiling in a bedroom Celeste blue to mimic the look of the sky. This allowed the room to feel more spacious and light because your eyes would move upwards and create a sense of depth.

Celeste Dress
Celeste Nails
Celeste Sofa

Colors that go with Celeste

Match Celeste with pale red for a complementary color scheme that is distinctively different. Or try Celeste with gold to create a mood that feels like ancient Grecian royalty.

Celeste Dress Color Combination
Celeste Nails Color Combination
Celeste Sofa Color Combination

Celeste Color Palettes and Schemes

Celeste’s cooler palette can be livened up with a monochromatic range of colors that move toward the warmer side of the color wheel, like very light cyan and lime green.

Celeste Dress Color Palette
Celeste Nails Color Palette
Celeste Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Use Celeste in wallpaper designs that have ditzy floral prints with white and pink details that add to the whimsical feel. Try Celeste in a jacquard design with black for an element of theatrical delight.

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Abstract Lines
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