Cerise Color

HEX color code is #A41247 and the RGB is 164, 18, 71

Cerise is not a color typically linked to African cultures but recently it has been infusing many traditional fabrics and attire with its vivacious hue. African Fashion Week London 2022, saw a profusion of Cerise designs from dresses with Bright Pink plumage to stately hats that even Princess Kate Middleton would love to wear.

How the color is made: Combine Vivid Pink with Very Dark Red to make a color that captures the grandeur and allure of an intoxicating Cerise poppy.

History: Cerise has been considered a color that represents passion and verve, and was used by artists like Wols in paintings like his 1950 “Composition” portrait which elicits a sense of activity and improvisation.

Color in Action

Valentino’s Autumn/Winter 2022-2023 collection was awash in Cerise, from the wall and runway to the woolen-clad models who enamored the audience. Cerise is still the color of the moment with celebrities wearing the bold color in their streetwear and at red carpet events too. In fact, Justin Bieber added a pop of color to his Charcoal suit with a brilliantly coordinated Cerise beanie.
Cerise looks fantastic when painted on the far wall in an entrance hall to draw the eye in and will make a great base on which to build a gallery wall or art nouveau prints. Outline the picture frames in a painted Navy Blue and you create a captivating first impression in your home.

Cerise Dress
Cerise Nails
Cerise Sofa

Colors that go with Cerise

Complement Cerise with Dark Lime Green to add a fresh twist to any design that will feel like a delicious strawberry and baby spinach salad for the eyes.

Cerise Dress Color Combination
Cerise Nails Color Combination
Cerise Sofa Color Combination

Cerise Color Palettes and Schemes

Cerise works exceptionally well with all Pink colors and Red colors when creating a tonal palette that emphasizes playful femininity and hints at deep desire.

Cerise Dress Color Palette
Cerise Nails Color Palette
Cerise Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

A Black background with a Cerise, Silver, and Green jacquard pattern creates a feeling of decadence and secrecy that feels sensual in a design.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton