Clay Color

HEX color code is #BDBAA2 and the RGB is 189, 186, 162

Clay is a brownish shade of gray, closer to be described as taupe; yet unique enough to have a name of its own. It is timeless vibes make usable almost anywhere and at any time of the year.
Clay is an earthy color, which make it abundantly used in paintings of natural landscapes.

How the color is made: clay is made by mixing gray with a tiny amount of brown, yet the color can come with various undertones. In RGB color space it is comprised of 162/255 red (~63% of red), 158/255 green (~61% of green), 144/255 blue (~56% of blue). And in CMYK color space it is made by mixing 2% magenta, 11% yellow, 37% black.

History: clay is the color of the soil in a variety of places from river banks to deep forests. It can be seen in pottery works from the dawn of humanity as clay is the name of the soil used in pottery.
Occurence: Also it is seen in paintings of earth, pottery and mud therapy (antique type of therapy) and any thing that contains mud like farming of gardening.

Color in Action

Being a neutral and muted shade of brown gives clay the feeling of being earthy, grounded and versatile. Also, having a gray undertone gives clay a serious and dull look and feel, and that adds a feature for clay being fit for a lot of colors

Clay Dress
Clay Nails
Clay Sofa

Colors that go with Clay

As being a neutral color, almost all kinds of colors fit to be used alongside clay. But for a more dynamic harmony, use pale dark cool colors and you can also use violet. Also, all pale colors fit clay.

Clay Dress Color Combination
Clay Nails Color Combination
Clay Sofa Color Combination

Clay Color Palettes and Schemes

Chocolate colors, blues, grays are great and add a more grounded look and feel. And for exteriors, it can be matched with pale greens which will add an earthly feeling and nature belonging.

Clay Dress Color Palette
Clay Nails Color Palette
Clay Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Backgrounds are good when painted using clay, earthly patterns such as sands are greatly rendered using clay. Other pattern used in pottery are good looking on clay, an the can be used as wallpapers of any kinds.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton