Copper Color

HEX color code is #B87333 and the RGB is 184, 115, 51

Copper-colored hair is growing in popularity again after the recent gray phase wore itself out. Men and women alike are preferring the coppery tones offered by hairdressers as a way to lighten and brighten their hair. Copper’s rich lustrous tone makes it ideal for those who want their hair to have a healthy glow.

How the color is made: To make Copper mix light yellow with very dark red, this will result in a deep warm hue that is reminiscent of vintage mixing bowls.

History: Historically, Copper was the first metal used by humans and as such symbolizes utilitarianism and industriousness. It is a color associated with invention and genius.

Color in Action

Copper-colored clothing can be both functional and highly decorated. Evening wear in Copper always pairs well with black design elements. While Copper streetwear can look fantastic with colors like butterscotch and rust, or any color with blue and green tones. In the Aquaman movies, the hero has a torso covered in Coppery scales, which are accented by a lower body in aquamarine blue.
Copper-colored ornaments and accessories can finish off a room that lacked a little pizzazz. Copper light fixtures will elevate a room’s style with minimal effort.

Copper Dress
Copper Nails
Copper Sofa

Colors that go with Copper

Match Coper with moderate blue for a complementary color scheme that feels robust and trendy. Try Copper with moderate red and moderate yellow for an analogous color scheme that feels rustic and hot.

Copper Dress Color Combination
Copper Nails Color Combination
Copper Sofa Color Combination

Copper Color Palettes and Schemes

Monochromatic color palettes with Copper will draw out colors that have more red and more yellow in their mixtures. Both these ranges are warm, but reds will deepen the effect of copper while yellows will brighten it.

Copper Dress Color Palette
Copper Nails Color Palette
Copper Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

An animal print background, like cheetah prints, will look intriguing in Copper and black. Medallion patterns in Copper and bone will have a pleasing and mellow effect on a design.

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Abstract Lines
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