Coral Color

HEX color code is #FF7F50 and the RGB is 255, 127, 80

Coral is an energizing pinkish orange color, taking from orange's enthusiasm, red's passion, and white's purity. Coral itself is a resemblance of the diversity of marine's life; which even gives more sincerity to coral.

How the color is made: coral leans more towards orange; because it is based on orange while adding some pink. And in RGB color space, its RGB components are 255/255 red (~100.0% of red), 127/255 green (~49.8% of green), 80/255 blue (~31.37% of blue). And in CMYK color space, it consists of 50% magenta, 68% yellow, without cyan or black.

History: coral was considered a sacred material throughout history, it is used as pendants as it can be depicted in Brera Madona by Piero Della Fransesca, where baby Christ was wearing a coral talisman. But after some time; coral became more of a fashion item than its connection with protection from evil. Now coral is nourishing in the field of not just jewelry, but also in cosmetics.

Color in Action

Orange and pink are both warm colors, making coral a very inviting and energizing. Yet the color appears somehow feminine because not only pink, but because its temperature and that temperature's closeness to the caring nature of females. Coral is also comfortable and it boosts positivity as it is associated with optimism, youth, openness, empowerment, individuality and acceptance. In fashion it makes you appear bold and confident which makes you more sociable and assertive, while appearing alive and tender.

Coral Dress
Coral Nails
Coral Sofa

Colors that go with Coral

Coral works well with both of his undertones orange and pink in various shades and tints, and together they look harmonious and belonging. Yet for even more balanced look you should cool down the color with a blue, both light and dark blues work well with coral. Other colors such as violet, yellow, green are also astonishing alongside coral.

Coral Dress Color Combination
Coral Nails Color Combination
Coral Sofa Color Combination

Coral Color Palettes and Schemes

Basing a color palette on blues and then adding coral would create a magnificent deep sea vibe. Yet using hot colors such as yellow, orange and red alongside coral with an accent of blue would create a thrilling palette which is full of energy. For a tuned-down palette, use pale yellow and rose with sage green and light gray, even though it will be tuned down; it will still be a slightly happy.

Coral Dress Color Palette
Coral Nails Color Palette
Coral Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Patterns of corals and undersea creatures are wonderful when rendered using coral. Yet it is also a great color for gradients, and they make up good backgrounds especially for graphics and painting seascapes at dawn. Either patterns, gradients, or the plain color can be used as a wallpaper wether physical or on-screen.

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Abstract Lines
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