Crimson Color

HEX color code is #8C000F and the RGB is 140, 0, 15

A deep red color with maroonish look, it is a color of love, affection and passion. Its emotional charge can easily affect any nearby human, which make them hanging and contemplating the beauty of this hue.

How the color is made: crimson can be made by mixing bright red with little blue. Which, in RGB color space, translates to 140/255 red (~54.9% of red), 15/255 blue (~5.88% of blue), with no green. And in CMYK color space, it amounts to 100% magenta, 89% yellow, and 45% black, with no cyan.

History: the name is taken from the kermes dye, which originates from Arabic Qirmiz. The color has extensive history in literary works, for example it is the color of the Lannister family in George R.R. Martin's "A song of Ice and Fire", and was the name of the protagonist in Stephen Kings' "The Dark Tower". Let alone its religious association in some fates. Now crimson is predominant in the fashion industry in both wear and cosmetics, or particularly lipsticks.

Color in Action

The color takes the passionate nature of red, hence it is full of emotions and intensity. Though, the dark tone of crimson adds some charisma, so if you wear it, you look charming and passionate with a boost of confidence. The color is also energetic, calls for action, and inherently recognizable which make it a daring color for courageous people.

Crimson Dress
Crimson Nails
Crimson Sofa

Colors that go with Crimson

A direct complementary for crimson is teal green, and together they combine the energy and passion of crimson, with the healing and growth power of the green, yielding a satisfactory mix. Crimson works well with similar colors such as maroon and rose garnet, yet it goes hand in hand with cool colors such as blue, violet, and indigo.

Crimson Dress Color Combination
Crimson Nails Color Combination
Crimson Sofa Color Combination

Crimson Color Palettes and Schemes

Crimson color palettes may include other shades of red, but they would seem tiring if a proper cool color is missing. So it is better to add a blue to your palette. For a feminine color palette use cream as a base with peach, coral and pink. But for a timeless look pair the color with a green, what is more beautiful than a crimson in a deep green stem?

Crimson Dress Color Palette
Crimson Nails Color Palette
Crimson Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

The color can be used as a background color for paintings of roses, yet it can be used in sunsets to add a dark tinge where night blends with day in the horizon. Crimson wallpapers are beautiful, especially if they are of roses, which transition us to patterns. Flower patterns are the best patterns to be based on crimson.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton