Cyan Color

HEX color code is #00FFFF and the RGB is 0, 255, 255

It is too exaggerated to use blue in some cases, especially as a whole-paint or as a primary color in your clothing. Yet due to the added green, the same can't be said about cyan, as it is not just calming but it is also energizing.

How the color is made: cyan is made by mixing blue with green in equal proportions. It is a main color component in the CMYK color space used in printed-media industry. In RGB color space though it is amounts to full range green and blue without any red.

History: the color got its name from Greek word related to dark blue, and with some origins of the pigment Lapis Lazuli, the first recorded use of the word cyan was in 1879. The word can be also connect to a dye produced from cornflower (Centauria Cyanus). The similarity to turquoise make cyan appear in joint-historical occurrences as some mosque domes are colored in cyan Turkey and other parts of central Asia. Now the color can be seen in multitude of art forms from fashion to graphic design.

Color in Action

Cyan is a color of tranquility and calmness, yet it takes some of energy inherited from green. In interior design, cyan creates a calming vibe that is perfect to revamp one's mood. The color even though refreshing, it also gives a sense of cleanness so it is used often in cosmetics and cleaning product not just because of its cleanness, but because of its other associations.

Cyan Dress
Cyan Nails
Cyan Sofa

Colors that go with Cyan

A direct complementary to cyan is red, maybe that's why it is used in operating rooms as a color to gowns to provide contrast against the color of blood. Other colors such as pink, yellow, orange, purple and shades of green and brown are also great color matches to cyan.

Cyan Dress Color Combination
Cyan Nails Color Combination
Cyan Sofa Color Combination

Cyan Color Palettes and Schemes

A sea-inspired color palette might include shades of blue, sea green, beside tan, sand yellow and brown to provide some contrast. Or adding some violet, pink and rose to create a feminine palette. And for a dark palette, use black and dark shades of gray, cyan and magenta as accents. And for a contrasty color palette, use shades of red from dark to light shades alongside shades of cyan, and add forest green to remove some tension.

Cyan Dress Color Palette
Cyan Nails Color Palette
Cyan Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Cyan can be used as a background for seascapes, but it can also be used as a base for skyscapes as well. Patterns colored in cyan wether geometric or organic are really wonderful and refreshing, and you can add a gradient to add some interest. Those patterns, gradients or plain cyan can be used gorgeously as wallpapers that equally fit both tangible media and screens.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
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