Dark Brown Color

HEX color code is #5C4033 and the RGB is 92, 64, 51

Decadent smooth Swiss chocolate fountains flowing over chopped fruit, that’s the stuff of dreams. It’s also a color called Dark Brown. This deep hue can evoke a feeling of trepidation when used to depict a disturbing scene or it can bring to mind the chocolate bunnies that sit in confectioner’s windows every easter. Dark Brown is a color of opposites and intrigue.

How the color is made: Make Dark Brown by mixing Slightly Desaturated Orange and Black to create a silk Brown that seems to hold secrets and remedies for the wary soul.

History: Traditionally, Dark brown was the color of distressed travel trunks and other types of robust luggage. Dark Brown was also a color used on luxury cars like Mercedes and on muscle cars like the AMC Javelin in the 70s.

Color in Action

Patent leather jackets and down-filled gilets look amazing in Dark Brown because they make a statement without overpowering the rest of the outfit. Dark Brown shoes and boots are also wonderful neutral pieces of clothing that not only remain timeless but can also withstand constant use.
Dark Brown is typically used in furniture but why not try a unique decor approach and paint the inside of a bookshelf in this deep hue to make the books and ornaments on display stand out more?

Dark Brown Dress
Dark Brown Nails
Dark Brown Sofa

Colors that go with Dark Brown

Use a split-complementary approach and match Dark Brown with Dark Desaturate Blue, and Dark Desaturated Cyan to create a color combination that creates scenes of deep forests and mysterious adventures in the mind’s eye.

Dark Brown Dress Color Combination
Dark Brown Nails Color Combination
Dark Brown Sofa Color Combination

Dark Brown Color Palettes and Schemes

A tetradic color palette with Dark Brown, Purple Burgundy, Emerald Green, and Desaturated Teal creates a mood that feels baronial and gallant like medieval times.

Dark Brown Dress Color Palette
Dark Brown Nails Color Palette
Dark Brown Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Jacquard patterns using Dark Brown can look elegant and festive if colors like Gold, Cherry, Cream, and Cornflower Blue are used alongside Dark Brown.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton