Dark Orange Color

HEX color code is #FF8C00 and the RGB is 255, 140, 0

It was declared by fashion insiders that the year 2022 was the year that Dark Orange became the new pink. This polarizing color offers the pop of color most celebrities are looking for as well as the unique twist it gives an outfit for any occasion.

How the color is made: Dark Orange is composed of 100% Red and 50% Green, and its digital format is made using Pure Red and Pure Yellow.

History: Traditionally, Dark Orange was used to convey energy and balance when used in portraits, and was incorporated in paintings or fruit arrangements that were displayed in dining areas because it was believed to stimulate the appetite.

Color in Action

Dark Orange is worn by the national Netherlands soccer team as an homage to the Dutch monarchs who originated from Orange-Nassau. In India, Dark Orange signifies Hinduism and is associated with traditional festivities.
Orange has become popular in the fashion industry due to its vibrancy and boldness. Rhianna wore a dark Orange fur coat in 2022, while Sarah Paulson made a striking statement in a full Dark Orange suit that saw her breaking away from her usual look.

Dark Orange Dress
Dark Orange Nails
Dark Orange Sofa

Colors that go with Dark Orange

Marching Dark Orange with neutrals like charcoal Black or Oatmeal will give an outfit a balanced look. Dark Orange’s spunk can benefit from including a bright white base that makes the ensemble look more dignified and intentional.

Dark Orange Dress Color Combination
Dark Orange Nails Color Combination
Dark Orange Sofa Color Combination

Dark Orange Color Palettes and Schemes

A color palette with Dark Orange, Yellow, Soft Yellow, and Peach will create a sense of playfulness and dynamism that sparks creativity.

Dark Orange Dress Color Palette
Dark Orange Nails Color Palette
Dark Orange Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Dark Orange backgrounds are good when photographing a subject that is in neutral colors like black, Dark Brown, or White Cream. A Dark Orange pattern that incorporates details in Slate Blue will create a sense of intrigue and creativity that can be used as a focal point in a room.

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Abstract Lines
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