Dark Red Color

HEX color code is #A30000 and the RGB is 163, 0, 0

If you’ve ever seen images of battle scenes then you have probably noticed the intensity and violence that Dark Red portrays on the canvas. Dark Red is undoubtedly the color of revolution and aggression, though it is also the color associated with fervent love and adoration, with Dark Red roses being the epitome of passion.

How the color is made: By combining Pure Red with almost Black Red to capture the life-essence that is commonly associated with blood, you’ll produce Dark Red in all its depth.

History: Historically, Dark Red was a color most notably associated with death and blood. Gothic portrayals of the crucifixion display the cruelty and passion through the use of Deep Red colors in the images.

Color in Action

Dark Red creates intensity when used in fashion, especially when contrasted with lighter flowy fabrics that seem to contradict its depth and weight. The Oscar de la Renta gown at the fashion exhibit in Houston had a ruffle satin skirt that felts voluptuous and seductive, while Jabari Banks wore a sparkly Dark Red suit to the 2022 Oscars that added a twist to the traditional tuxedo.
Dark Red works well as blackout drapery in living rooms and bedrooms because of its warmth and luxury when done in velvet-type fabrics. A Dark Red headboard can add instant drama to a bedroom and will pair nicely with cool gray bedding for a pleasing contrast.

Dark Red Dress
Dark Red Nails
Dark Red Sofa

Colors that go with Dark Red

Pair Dark Red with a contrasting Dark Cyan color for added dramatic appeal and a way to perfectly balance the overpowering heat that Dark Red exudes.

Dark Red Dress Color Combination
Dark Red Nails Color Combination
Dark Red Sofa Color Combination

Dark Red Color Palettes and Schemes

Analogous color palettes with Dark Red, Deep Magenta, and Burnt Orange give a design and eclectic look while also balancing the warmth and earthy feel.

Dark Red Dress Color Palette
Dark Red Nails Color Palette
Dark Red Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Backgrounds with Dark Red, White, and Metallic Gold stripes feel classic when used in studies, hallways, or libraries because it goes well with the spines of old books.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton