Dorado Color

HEX color code is #6E5F56 and the RGB is 110, 95, 86

Dorado looks like a dusty medium brown color with a slight orange undertone. It is a color that is popular in hairdressing because it enhances the naturally coppery tones that are reflected in sunlight. Dorado is also a color that is seen in modern furniture because of its subtle smoky hue.

How the color is made: Dorado is made by mixing very soft orange with black to create a dark and dusty brown that feels warm and comforting.

History: Traditionally, Dorado was a color that was linked to the earth and agriculture. Rustic landscapes were painted using colors like Dorado to depict the richness of the soil and mankind’s reliance on it as the source of their food and life.

Color in Action

Dorado is a humble neutral color that is often seen in work boots and jackets. Its earthiness makes it particularly practical because it can easily hide stains and wear. It is a color associated with labor but that doesn’t mean it isn’t very popular in fashion too. Converse has released a Chuck Taylor design in Dorado that is popular with its younger consumers because of its versatility and style.
Use Dorado in outdoor designs like patios and gazebos for a rustic and natural look. Exposed beams inside the house that are stained a rich Dorado color will make a room feel modern and tranquil.

Dorado Dress
Dorado Nails
Dorado Sofa

Colors that go with Dorado

Match Dorado with slate blue for a complementary color scheme that balances warmth and coolness. Or try dorado with reds, oranges, yellows, and golds for an autumnal color scheme that feels lively and fun.

Dorado Dress Color Combination
Dorado Nails Color Combination
Dorado Sofa Color Combination

Dorado Color Palettes and Schemes

Dorado, light brown, sand, chocolate, and wood are all colors that fall into the brown color palette and will make a pleasant monochromatic color palette for interior designs.

Dorado Dress Color Palette
Dorado Nails Color Palette
Dorado Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

A houndstooth pattern with Dorado and cream white will feel pragmatic, while a wallpaper with a paisley design in Dorado, green, and blue will create a whimsical mood.

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