Electric Blue Color

HEX color code is #7DF9FF and the RGB is 125, 249, 255

Electric Blue is that flash of blinding Blue that depicts lightning that is illustrated on book covers in the thriller genre to create suspense and fear. It can also elicit feelings of anticipation, excitement, and energy which is why it is used on billboards and advertising campaigns so often.

How the color is made: Blending Very Pale Cyan with Pure Cyan creates a jolt of Electric Blue that catches your attention.

History: Historically, Electric Blue was a color associated with power and exhilaration and can be seen in the bright frescos in Italian churches that depict heavenly beings and their supremacy.

Color in Action

Blue has always been a favored color in the fashion industry, but Electric Blue is a hue that seems to jump off the runway and into the viewer's brain because of its vibrance. Electric Blue’s intensity also means it looks good on both light and dark skin tones and can pair beautifully with darker colors too.
Electric Blue has established its versatility in the graphic design world as both an invigorating color and a hue that conveys trust. Its cool tone suggests a competent ally that is calm and steadfast under pressure, which is the type of business people want to interact with.

Electric Blue Dress
Electric Blue Nails
Electric Blue Sofa

Colors that go with Electric Blue

Matching Electic Blue with Pure Bright Red creates a stimulating color scheme where the luminosity of the colors dazzles the senses and makes a design feel explosive.

Electric Blue Dress Color Combination
Electric Blue Nails Color Combination
Electric Blue Sofa Color Combination

Electric Blue Color Palettes and Schemes

Dark Cyan, Electric Blue, Strong Cyan, and Onyx create a homogenous color palette that pops and sizzles with potential, especially when used in signage that lights up.

Electric Blue Dress Color Palette
Electric Blue Nails Color Palette
Electric Blue Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Backgrounds with Electric Blue swirls on Black make the Blue’s vibrancy shine, while a Moroccan lattice pattern can add a sense of exuberance in a traditional-looking pattern with old-world cham.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton