Emerald Green Color

HEX color code is #046307 and the RGB is 4, 99, 7

Emerald green is a majestic as the name come from the gemstone. It is very beautiful and it tells a story of greatness and power. Taking some of the criteria of green such as energy and adding special aura of the spiritual.

How the color is made: emerald green is created in the RGB color space by mixing some green with tiny amounts of red and blue. Its RGB components: 4/255 red (~2% of red), 99/255 green (~39% of green), 7/255 blue (~3% of blue). And in CMYK, it has almost equal amounts of cyan (96%) and yellow (93%) mixed with about two thirds of black (61).

History: emerald green gets its name from the magnificent green gemstone with the same name. In some scriptures its told that emerald has to do with creation of earth! In other cultures, it was associated with power and was used as a main color for aristocracy's home decorations and fashion. And emerald never loses its value in jewelry, so it is still made and used until today.

Color in Action

In textiles, emerald green gives a deep feeling with some dark vibrance. Emerald green can be used as an accent with lighter green colors, that would create a great vibe of being in-sync. In fashion, especially in jewelry, emerald green gives a deep vibe of calmness, power, and majesty.

Emerald Green Dress
Emerald Green Nails
Emerald Green Sofa

Colors that go with Emerald Green

Deep cool colors such as spanish purple, and deep violet and navy blue create a strong contrast and harmony with emerald green. Yet, other green colors go hand in hand with emerald green, especially light vibrant ones such as mint green. Other colors as maroon and deep red are also great matches to emerald green.

Emerald Green Dress Color Combination
Emerald Green Nails Color Combination
Emerald Green Sofa Color Combination

Emerald Green Color Palettes and Schemes

For an eye-friendly palette, use greens (both light and dark shades). But to create a more interesting and dynamic look and feel use vibrant deep cool colors such as deep violet. And for a natural feel you can use some of nature-inspired colors together with emerald green.

Emerald Green Dress Color Palette
Emerald Green Nails Color Palette
Emerald Green Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Geometric patterns add structure to emerald green's power and intensify it. Yet, natural patterns are really wonderful when colored with emerald green (yet keep your lines as thin as possible to create a modern look). Such pattern can be used as backgrounds for creating graphics, and its hard to find some one who gets tired from seeing emerald, hence it makes a perfect sense to use it as wallpapers.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton