Esmeralda Color

HEX color code is #20C563 and the RGB is 32, 197, 99

Esmeralda is a green that is lighter than jade and emerald but darker than celadon and lime green. It is not surprising that Esmeralda is a color associated with wealth, desire, status, and money. It is the color of riches and abundance. It is also a color that is closely linked to vegetation and sustenance.

How the color is made: To make Esmeralda mix light cyan with dark lime green, this will result in a color that has the brightness of blue and the grandeur of green.

History: Historically, Esmeralda has been a color closely linked to success and growth. In some cultures, it is associated with greed and envy, while for some people it signifies inexperience and naivety.

Color in Action

In film, colors like Esmeralda are used for the green screen when digitally enhanced and CGI additions need to be included in post-production for videos. The chroma key of Esmeralda is far from the hue of human skin which makes it ideal for use in film where the background needs to be made transparent so that other generated images can be included when the directors want a magical or fantastical element in the movie.
Esmeralda's unique hue means that any subject placed in front of the green screen will be vividly captured without any loss of clarity or dimension.

Esmeralda Dress
Esmeralda Nails
Esmeralda Sofa

Colors that go with Esmeralda

Match Esmeraldawith strong pink, strong violet, and strong green for a tetradic color scheme that feels like a fresh bouquet of field flowers in a pristine crystal vase.

Esmeralda Dress Color Combination
Esmeralda Nails Color Combination
Esmeralda Sofa Color Combination

Esmeralda Color Palettes and Schemes

Strong cyan, strong lime green, and Esmeralda can be used in an analogous color palette that feels fresh and vibrant and will communicate a brand's distinctiveness when used in a logo.

Esmeralda Dress Color Palette
Esmeralda Nails Color Palette
Esmeralda Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Tartan patterns with Esmeralda, white, red, and navy will have a traditional feel, while wallpapers with geometric designs in Esmeralda and gold will feel zealous and dynamic.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton