Evergreen Color

HEX color code is #4E8F38 and the RGB is 78, 143, 56

Evergreen is not only the color of sustainable fashion but is also the color of fashion revolutionaries across the world. Social media platforms were all aflutter in Spring 2021 when fashion designers like Molly Goddard, Victoria Beckham, Michael Kors, and Kim Shui wowed runway viewers with their exquisite jewel-toned designs in Evergreen.

How the color is made: Evergreen is made by mixing Very Light Green with an almost Balck Green to create a moderate Green that looks like the leaves of a majestic Oak tree.

History: Traditionally, Evergreen was a color associated with youth, success, and harmony and was often used to paint the image of Emperor Augustus in ancient portraits.

Color in Action

Evergreen is popular in fashion design with silky Green slip dresses and the Saint Laurent Solferino bag with its signature gold Cassandre plaque that is the desire of many fashion aficionados.
Adding plants in your space isn’t the only way to get Evergreen into your home. With Evergreen velvet upholstered chairs, you can bring this magnificent color into your dining room, or include an evergreen pouf in your bedroom for a little outdoorsy pizzaz.

Evergreen Dress
Evergreen Nails
Evergreen Sofa

Colors that go with Evergreen

Try matching Evergreen with Dark Moderate Blue and Dark Moderate Pink to create a triadic color scheme for an eccentric look that feels welcoming and opulent. Evergreen with Gold gives the sense of understated wealth and success.

Evergreen Dress Color Combination
Evergreen Nails Color Combination
Evergreen Sofa Color Combination

Evergreen Color Palettes and Schemes

Evergreen with desaturated Green creates a color palette that feels fresh and fertile because it mimics nature. Dark Green and Evergreen have a tropical feel that is often seen in tonal leafy designs and fabric swatches.

Evergreen Dress Color Palette
Evergreen Nails Color Palette
Evergreen Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Checked backgrounds with Evergreen and White a great for children’s rooms because they feel youthful and creative. Chinoiserie wallpapers with Evergreen, Gold, Cherry Red, and Cream designs create a feeling of old-world charm.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton