Evergreen Fog Color

HEX color code is #95978A and the RGB is 149, 151, 138

Being one of the contemporary so-called new neutrals that substitute the use of greys and other metallic colors in interior design. Evergreen fog, with its greenish look, gives a feeling of sustainability, growth and new bringing.
Evergreen green fog can be considered a greenish mid tone gray color rather than being green. That make it fit wider range of colors than green.

How the color is made: the color can be maid by mixing vibrant olive with some blue in the RGB color space where its components will be: 149/255 red (~58.4% of red), 151/255 green (~59.2% of green), 138/255 blue (~54% of blue). Or in CMYK color space, it contains 1% of cyan, 9% of yellow and 41% of black with no magenta.

History: evergreen fog is one of the newly invented colors, it was engineered to become neutral with a natural green undertone, so it bring nature indoors without affecting color balance of your furniture.

Color in Action

So far the color is mainly used in interior and exterior design. Its muted tone gives a relaxing look to the interiors of your home, in good lighting conditions it appears slightly brighter giving the room more space; also the green plays a huge role as it brings forest indoors giving great and organic look for your home.

Evergreen Fog Dress
Evergreen Fog Nails
Evergreen Fog Sofa

Colors that go with Evergreen Fog

Best colors that match evergreen fog are light colors such as white and creamy colors. But other colors such as tan, beige, and browns also go well with evergreen fog.

Evergreen Fog Dress Color Combination
Evergreen Fog Nails Color Combination
Evergreen Fog Sofa Color Combination

Evergreen Fog Color Palettes and Schemes

For a more natural feel use tan (and other browns) as an accent, and use other green colors to add more contrast to the room. Warmer colors such as yellow, and gold also work well with evergreen fog if used in moderation.

Evergreen Fog Dress Color Palette
Evergreen Fog Nails Color Palette
Evergreen Fog Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

The color itself make up for good backgrounds and wallpapers as it is neutral. Patterns of nature such as plants, leaves and branches are nicely rendered using evergreen fog, and the would add some rhythm to your living place.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
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