Fuchsia Color

HEX color code is #EF2B7C and the RGB is 239, 43, 124

Fuchsia is a beautiful color named after the flower of the same name, a pinkish shade of purple that is often associated with mature feminity, as well as being fun playful and joyful.

How the color is made: fuchsia is made by mixing purple with pink in equal proportions. And in RGB color space, it is made up of 239/255 red (~93.73% of red), 59/255 green (~23.14% of green), 124/255 blue (~48.63% of blue). And in CMYK color space, its CMYK components are 75% magenta, 48% yellow, and 6% black without any cyan added to the mix.

History: the color took its name from the beautiful flowers, a synthetic dye was then made and named fuchsine, but due to the hard pronunciation, it was replaced with magenta. The first use of the word fuchsia as a color in English was in 1892. The color is now dominant in beauty and fashion industry and it is often seen as more mature than other shades of pink. And in 2001, a slightly dark muted tone of fuchsia, called fuchsia rose, was nominated by Pantone to become the color of the year.

Color in Action

Due to its closeness to pink, fuchsia is often considered a feminine color. Yet it is more delicate and mature than pastel pinks, so if used in clothing or accessories; it will give a sense of maturity and self-assurance, which in turn comes across as confident. A whole-wall painting would appear overwhelmingly warm and exaggerated, yet if fuchsia is used as an accent with lime green or blues, it would be more beautiful, as these would make fuchsia popup.

Fuchsia Dress
Fuchsia Nails
Fuchsia Sofa

Colors that go with Fuchsia

A direct complementary to fuchsia is lime green, and using it as a primary color with touches of fuchsia will create an interesting dynamic in any visual art; that is true if you paired it with vibrant light blues. Picking up on its parents and using shades of purple, pink, and roses alongside fuchsia will create a vibe of belonging which further intensify the warmth of the color.

Fuchsia Dress Color Combination
Fuchsia Nails Color Combination
Fuchsia Sofa Color Combination

Fuchsia Color Palettes and Schemes

We can use nature as inspiration, and use greens, lavender and fuchsia to create a refreshing and regenerative vibe. Or we can create a warm and loving palette, that is better suited for romantic vibes, by using fuchsia with rose, shades of pink and violet. Using fuchsia with dark purples and lavender, will create an inviting atmosphere which can be further intensified by by adding yellow or orange. Yet to create a modern look use black, white or any other neutral with fuchsia.

Fuchsia Dress Color Palette
Fuchsia Nails Color Palette
Fuchsia Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Fuchsia isn't the best color to use in many backgrounds, maybe because it is so vibrant, yet it can be used in paintings of fuchsia flowers. Patterns of nature with green as a main color and fuchsia as an accent are the best patterns that can involve the color. Another form of patterns that are great in fuchsia are gradients, for which you can pair it with another vibrant color. All paintings, patterns or gradients, will make up for warming and inviting wallpapers for bath screen and physical media.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
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