Ginger Color

HEX color code is #B26336 and the RGB is 178, 99, 54

Ginger is not a color seen on the red carpet very often, but when it is, it sure does leave a lasting impression. Like Susan Sarandon’s 1996 Dolce & Gabbana gown for the Oscars which cemented Ginger as a color that can certainly stand up to the glamour and glitz of award shows. Ginger has a warm and comfortable feel that shines through in all types of clothing.

How the color is made: The color Ginger is made by micing Very Light (almost peachy) Orange and Very Dark Red to create a spicy color that feels comforting and nurturing.

History: Ginger was a color that was historically associated with modesty, meekness, and solitude. This is why Franciscan monks still wear Ginger robes to denote their courteous servitude in the church.

Color in Action

Ginger is another one of those underutilized colors but fashion designers the world over understand its value in enhancing a collection. An open-toed mule or espadrille in Ginger adds an elevated neutral look to an outfit and can be accessorized with a Ginger-tone clutch bag that has a delicate Gold chain as its strap.
A leather couch in a Ginger hue adds an inviting feel to a living room, and drapery done in deep swags of Ginger and Rust adds depth to windows that perfectly frame the blueness of the sky and greenery of nature outside.

Ginger Dress
Ginger Nails
Ginger Sofa

Colors that go with Ginger

Dark Moderate Blue and Ginger are colors that communicate seriousness and gravitas because of the opposite effects they have on the senses when used separately but the cohesive feel they create when combined.

Ginger Dress Color Combination
Ginger Nails Color Combination
Ginger Sofa Color Combination

Ginger Color Palettes and Schemes

Dark Moderate, Red Ginger, and Dark Orange create a warm spice palette that looks like the inside of a delectable moist carrot cake and all the comfort that goes with it

Ginger Dress Color Palette
Ginger Nails Color Palette
Ginger Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

A medallion patterned design with Cream and Gold creates a feeling of decadence, while a background in Ginger and Blue trellis configurations feels energetic.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton