Gold Color

HEX color code is #FFD700 and the RGB is 255, 215, 0

Gold is the color of money, luxury, success, and prosperity. No one can't recognize the sheen of this color without associating it with success and status, it is enough to note that world's most precious prizes are golden ones.

How the color is made: to create gold paint, mix equal amounts of brown ochre with yellow. Gold in RGB color space, it is comprised of 255/255 red (~100.0% of red), 215/255 green (~84.31% of green), without blue. And in CMYK color space, it is comprised of 15% magenta, 100% yellow, without adding any cyan or black.

History: gold was discovered and used as money by Lydian merchants in the 7th century BC, yet it wasn't used as a color until the second century BC when it was used by ancient Egyptians and Romans in various forms of art from accessories to decorations. Gold was used in statues mostly in the old world from statues of Buddha to gods of Egypt, as it was associated with luxury and prosperity in Egypt, and wisdom, self-recognition and immortality in East Asia. It was then used by various artists in painting. Also, it was and still used in jewelry and the fashion world.

Color in Action

Gold tells a story of money and luxury, so where ever put it make you remember the precious metal. Also, it is a color of success and achievement as most valued prizes are golden ones, giving gold an added prestige. Yet, due to its warmth, it is an inviting color full of youth and happiness.

Gold Dress
Gold Nails
Gold Sofa

Colors that go with Gold

Gold works great with shades of yellow. Yet to cool the color down a bit you can use blues like cerulean, indigo and pure blue. Other good matches to gold are purple, dark orange, seagreen, yellow-green and light turquoise. Gold also is great to be used with black, onyx and dark grays, and these create a modern and extremely luxurious vibes.

Gold Dress Color Combination
Gold Nails Color Combination
Gold Sofa Color Combination

Gold Color Palettes and Schemes

Color palettes that include blues, blue-green and blueish whites alongside gold, make it stand out, but reduce the overall temperature of your palette. You can use gold alongside darker and lighter shades of it, yellow, and browns to create an analogous look. And for a modern feel, pair gold with black and dark grays. Or instead use greens to create a more lively color palette.

Gold Dress Color Palette
Gold Nails Color Palette
Gold Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Due to the metallic origins, geometric patterns look very heavenly in gold, yet pairing the color with greens can create lively organic patterns. Backgrounds and wallpapers are both luxurious and golden if based on gold, especially if black is used to create some contrast.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton