Gold Cmyk Color

HEX color code is #D3BA34 and the RGB is 211, 186, 52

In ancient Greek mythology the gods sat on Mount Olympus, ate ambrosia, and drank golden honey, the food of the gods. Ambrosia and honey, with their golden coloring, were believed to be the source of wisdom and inspiration and were attributed to the creative genius that stimulated poetry and song.

How the color is made: Gold CMYK is made by combining Very Light Yellow with Dark Orange Brown to create a hue that harkens back to vintage gilding and opulence.

History: Gold is the color of wealth and industry. Though in some cultures in mid-century Europe Gold symbolized jealousy and deceit, and was used to portray traitors like Judas Iscariot in religious paintings.

Color in Action

In Japan, Gold is symbolic of bravery and refinement, while in Africa it is associated with social ranking. In fashion design, Gold CMYK is often seen in the jewelry and accessory designs that adorn red carpet events, but sometimes designers really push their limits and create immaculate dresses like the golden masterpiece created by Stéphane Rolland in 2023.
Gold CMYK works as an accent item in most rooms, but especially in formal living rooms or executive studies. To achieve an understated Gold look in a room, try going for mid-century-modern furniture with Gold handles or legs.

Gold Cmyk Dress
Gold Cmyk Nails
Gold Cmyk Sofa

Colors that go with Gold Cmyk

Match Gold CMYK with its tetradic cousins Strong Red, Strong Cyan, and Strong Blue for an eclectic feel that looks trendy by carefully considered. Gold CMYK and Bright Blue produces a look that emulates prestige and ancient wisdom.

Gold Cmyk Dress Color Combination
Gold Cmyk Nails Color Combination
Gold Cmyk Sofa Color Combination

Gold Cmyk Color Palettes and Schemes

A color palette with includes Gold CMYK with Very Soft Yellow will create an ancient Grecian feel that harkens back to the grandeur of Troy and all things mystical.

Gold Cmyk Dress Color Palette
Gold Cmyk Nails Color Palette
Gold Cmyk Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Wallpaper with thin Gold stripes amid geometric designs in Sky Blue and White create a light and heavenly feel in a room. Paisley designs with Gold threading add intrigue to a motif.

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Abstract Lines
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