Golden Yellow Color

HEX color code is #FFCC49 and the RGB is 255, 204, 73

Golden Yellow is a bright color that invokes ideas of summer sunshine and days at the beach. Golden Yellow is an optimistic color that is associated with intelligence and wisdom. In Buddist cultures, the priests wear Golden Yellow robes that symbolize simplicity and detachment from material burdens.

How the color is made: Golden Yellow is also known as almost pure Yellow because consists of 100% Yellow and a small amount of Amber.

History: In medieval times, yellow was believed to be associated with deceit, with several heretics being sentenced to dearth and lead to the execution site in Yellow robes to signify their betrayal.

Color in Action

Brands use Golden Yellow to convey optimism and joy. Golden Yellow is an attractive color that gets noticed wherever it is placed, just think of McDonald’s iconic Golden Yellow arches. Post-It uses Golden Yellow in its packaging to differentiate it from other sticky note brands and uses Yellow to connote its superiority.
When used in interior design, Golden Yellow creates a feeling of spontaneity and delight. Golden Yellow can be used in children’s rooms or as a couch covering to invoke a sense of cheerfulness.

Golden Yellow Dress
Golden Yellow Nails
Golden Yellow Sofa

Colors that go with Golden Yellow

A triadic color scheme with Golden Yellow would include colors like Bright Cyan and Vivid Pink, which are reminiscent of Mexican festivities and pinatas. An ebullient color combination like this works well for party decor and show-stopping stage costumes because it captures the viewer’s attention.

Golden Yellow Dress Color Combination
Golden Yellow Nails Color Combination
Golden Yellow Sofa Color Combination

Golden Yellow Color Palettes and Schemes

It is no surprise that Golden Yellow fits perfectly on a color palette that includes Onyx or Black because the brightness of the Yellow almost bounces off the dark canvas. Golden Yellow can also work wonderfully with a Pale Pastel Yellow in a monochromatic palette.

Golden Yellow Dress Color Palette
Golden Yellow Nails Color Palette
Golden Yellow Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Geometric wallpaper that has Golden Yellow as its base with a broad lined pattern in white can make a room look trendy.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton