Green Color

HEX color code is #79C314 and the RGB is 121, 195, 20

Green is a deep color that captures and convey the whole symbolism of green, and it hits a striking balance of being not too light nor too dark, hence it reflect the whole qualities of green as a spectrum, in other words it is the essence of being green (without being harsh on the eye as RGB's full tone green).

How the color is made: we all know how green is made (in RGB, it is the G component). In CMYK color space it is comprised of full amount of both cyan and yellow (100%) and half of black (50%).

History: as green is a natural color, it can be seen in many paintings and master pieces as it is not crazy rare to see this shade of green in a landscape of trees, green land, forests, ... etc. Also, various shades of greens have been used as symbols of green energy, sustainability, and environmental conservation.
Occurence: And it can be seen in many food chain color palettes to advocate healthier choices of food.

Color in Action

This green gives a feeling of life as it is the color of chlorophyll, the chemical composite that creates energy for plants, which inturn is used as an energy source in various ways. Hence, green is literally the color of life itself. When using it as a main color, green tells a story of growth, youth and, of course, energy.

Green Dress
Green Nails
Green Sofa

Colors that go with Green

Natural colors work well with green, as they are all children of mother nature. Vibrant cool colors such as patriarch purple, indigo, and navy blue, create a striking harmony if used in balance. Other warm colors such as maroon, olive, chocolate, and avocado green, are also great matches for green.

Green Dress Color Combination
Green Nails Color Combination
Green Sofa Color Combination

Green Color Palettes and Schemes

If you are using one of the previously mentioned colors, make sure to use one of them as a primary color and the other as a an accent. Also, green can be used with other light greens without worrying too much about color balance, as they will instantly match each other and they won't create eye strain. And for a more relaxing look and feel use white (or another very light color) as a background for your graphic, and use green as a main color.

Green Dress Color Palette
Green Nails Color Palette
Green Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Plant backgrounds create seems magically alive if colored with green. Those can be used as backgrounds for your kitchen to give a refreshing look and feel. Also grassy background are considered a foundation for any nature-inspired visual.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
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