Hazel Color

HEX color code is #C8B575 and the RGB is 200, 181, 117

If there is one color of eyes that is most coveted in the world, that color is undoubtedly Hazel. Several contact lens manufacturers have even gone as far as to produce Hazel-colored contact lenses so that customers can change their eye color to this dramatic golden hue.

How the color is made: To make the color Hazel mix very pale (almost white) yellow with dark orange to produce a clear yellow-gold hue.

History: Hazel was a color that was typically used to depict gold in paintings and was a symbol of wealth and stature. It was also associated with idealism and wisdom and was often the color used to paint the hair of angels in Renaissance portraits.

Color in Action

Hazel’s bend to wards light gold makes it a perfect neutral color for both Winter and Summer fashion. Try Hazel-colored coats and bomber jackets for a fresh take on the original items, or Hazel leather boots for an interesting toned-down look.
Hazel works well in living rooms and formal lounges or majestic home libraries. It has a warm undertone that makes a room feel toasty and welcoming. Hazel can be used in lampshades to create a retro vibe.

Hazel Dress
Hazel Nails
Hazel Sofa

Colors that go with Hazel

Match Hazel with slightly desaturated blue for a balanced complementary color scheme that harmonizes the warm and cool tones of these two colors.

Hazel Dress Color Combination
Hazel Nails Color Combination
Hazel Sofa Color Combination

Hazel Color Palettes and Schemes

For an unconventional color palette, try using Hazel with slightly desaturated violet and slightly desaturated blue for an eclectic mood.

Hazel Dress Color Palette
Hazel Nails Color Palette
Hazel Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Toile patterns with Hazel and white have a French provincial feel that is quaint and en-vogue for people who are wanting to create a relaxed country vibe with some interest. Greek key backgrounds with Hazel and gold will give an ancient Grecian feel to a space, and wallpapers in Hazel herringbone will feel more contemporary.

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