Heather Color

HEX color code is #A484AC and the RGB is 164, 132, 172

The color Heather gets its name from the Heather flower which is often found in this light purple color. Heather is often symbolic of admiration and beauty. Panoramic paintings of Heather fields emphasize this color's majestic allure. The dress worn by the lady in Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s painting, “Young Woman Sewing” is painted using the color Heather.

How the color is made: Heather is composed of Red, Green, and Blue. Heather is achieved by combining White with Very Dark Magenta.

History: Heather was used in art to depict rest and serenity. The color Heather was associated with a refined lifestyle when worn as clothing, it displayed one’s affluence and status because it was a color that was traditionally associated with royalty.

Color in Action

Heather falls on the cooler spectrum of colors because of its large proportion of Blue, but that doesn’t mean it is a Winter color. On the contrary, Heather works well in both Summer and Winter fashion lines as was evident from Julien Macdonald and Max Mara’s runway masterpieces in 2020.
Adding Heather accents to a room with throw pillows or velvet ottomans can instantly add a luxurious feel, that will of course pair perfectly with a vase of Heather flowers or pale hydrangeas.

Heather Dress
Heather Nails
Heather Sofa

Colors that go with Heather

Matching Heather with a Golden Mustard color will create a complimentary color combination that will invoke a feeling of adventure and is believed to spark imagination and creative endeavors. Heather also pairs well with Dark Grayish Lime Green because this color mix occurs often in nature.

Heather Dress Color Combination
Heather Nails Color Combination
Heather Sofa Color Combination

Heather Color Palettes and Schemes

Pairing Heather with a Deep Plum will bring an element of drama and sophistication to a design while incorporating Pale Gray will bring out the coolness in the Heather.

Heather Dress Color Palette
Heather Nails Color Palette
Heather Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

An organic floral design in Dark Gray Yellow placed on a Heather background will allow the two colors to balance each other and will even work if the two colors are reversed.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton