Honey Color

HEX color code is #E79A3F and the RGB is 231, 154, 63

It is only fitting that the golden color of Honey is associated with a Greek demi-god named Melisseus. Honey is a color that looks like liquid sunshine, and its luster is only enhanced when it is paired with other warm colors like Orange, Gold, and Red. Honey is such a coveted color that there are now Honey-colored contact lenses to make your eyes the color of nectar.

How the color is made: Honey is created by blending Very Light Yellow with Strong Orange to make a color that looks like it was poured straight from the forge.

History: The color Honey is typically linked to the color of pollen that the bees collect to produce their Honey, and is associated with prosperity, wealth, and good health.

Color in Action

Honey is a color that appears in many cosmetics brands, and Chanel even has a compact named “Double Perfection Compact Honey.” Louis Vuitton has a pair of oversized Honey-color sunglasses and Jimmy Choo as suede Honey boots that will make every fashion icon drool with desire.
Honey looks wonderful in dining room decor because it has a Yellow Golden hue that stimulates relaxation, appetite, and friendly banter. It is a joyous color that evokes memories of sticky and sweet days spent in the Summer sun.

Honey Dress
Honey Nails
Honey Sofa

Colors that go with Honey

Match Honey with Bright Blue for a feeling of exuberance and vitality because it has an energetic effect on the senses. Honey also works well with Cream White to subdue its buoyancy and liveliness and create a vibe that feels tender and benevolent.

Honey Dress Color Combination
Honey Nails Color Combination
Honey Sofa Color Combination

Honey Color Palettes and Schemes

An analogous color palette that includes Bright Red, Honey, and Bright Yellow is ideal for product packaging like high SPF sunscreens.

Honey Dress Color Palette
Honey Nails Color Palette
Honey Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

A harlequin pattern in Honey, Light Yellow, and Cream has a classic look with a cheeky twist. Honey-colored gingham is a fun way to bring a Summer vibe to backgrounds that are used for photoshops.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton