Hunter Green Color

HEX color code is #0B4008 and the RGB is 11, 64, 8

The name hunter green is not a good match for the nature allying representative, as hunters are enemies of nature. But look at it the other way around; hunters seek camouflage with a perfect color to seem native. Hence the name "hunter green".

How the color is made: hunter green is made by mixing green with black and tiny amount of yellow to give an infinitesimal undertone. In RGB color space it is made by mixing small amounts of red (11/255 of red) and blue (8/255 of blue), and a fairly large quantity of green (64/255 of green), these values being close to zero makes the color a dark shade.

History: being a color of mother nature grants hunter green a wide historical uses. It can be found in paintings of different media throughout history. It was a trending color in 1990s for kitchen cabinets, carpets, and an accent in interior design. It was also used as a color for clothing in various places.

Color in Action

Hunter green - as well as other shades of green - symbolize nature's unconditional love, and they are a universal resemblance of rebirth, new life, and youth. And being a dark shade of green, gives hunter green two features: a mystical vibe inherited from black, and greater representation of green's symbolism, as the richer green is the more chlorophyll the plant has. Ending up being a great color choice for bringing the mystery of life wherever put.

Hunter Green Dress
Hunter Green Nails
Hunter Green Sofa

Colors that go with Hunter Green

For creating an analogous look, use other shades of green such as emerald green, dark green, dark cyan, olive green, grayish lime, and sage green. But for a more pleasant and dynamic vibe, use colors from the violet family. Other colors can also create a great taste such as ochre, rust, pink, turquoise and navy blue.

Hunter Green Dress Color Combination
Hunter Green Nails Color Combination
Hunter Green Sofa Color Combination

Hunter Green Color Palettes and Schemes

To bring nature to home, or to your clothing, use different shades of green, But make sure to add another color as an accent. If hunter green is used as a primary color, ochre can add more lighting to the room, or it can be used as an accessory in fashion. But for places where there is an abundance of natural lighting, other dark colors will insure balance have been struck.

Hunter Green Dress Color Palette
Hunter Green Nails Color Palette
Hunter Green Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

As a natural color, it will be a great fit for natural patterns such as plants, branches, ... etc. Background wise, it gives a feeling of nature presence especially in screens. Hunter green can be graciously used as wallpapers, but make sure to add either a color variation or patterns.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
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