Iris Color

HEX color code is #5A4FCF and the RGB is 90, 79, 207

Iris is a unifying color because it feels peaceful. Alfred Manessier’s abstract painting “Night” (1956) would feel disconcerting if the color Iris was left out and only Red, Black, and Yellow shapes occupied the canvas, Iris grounds the portrait and creates a sense of cohesion.

How the color is made: The color Iris is made by mixing Pale Blue with Dark Blue to make a color that captures the delicate beauty of the Iris flower.

History: Iris was used to depict heavenly scenes in ancient artworks and was a color that perfectly captured the various creation stories throughout history with its vivid color bearing the essence of water.

Color in Action

Iris is typically considered a Summer color, but it has been making a comeback in fashion designs over the last ten years with Iris-colored melton jackets and peacoats popping up in retail stores each Winter season. An Iris jacket with light blue jeans and a lavender top says you’re ready for anything.
Interior designers have embraced the flamboyancy of Iris and it can be seen painted on kitchen cabinets or striped rugs in entryways to create a sense of drama in a home.

Iris Dress
Iris Nails
Iris Sofa

Colors that go with Iris

Iris matches well with Bright Green and Canary Yellow to mimic the natural color combinations that occur in a field of Iris plants.

Iris Dress Color Combination
Iris Nails Color Combination
Iris Sofa Color Combination

Iris Color Palettes and Schemes

Light Grayish Blue and Iris will result in a palette that feels calm and uplifting, but Iris and Very Dark Blue will make a design feel reserved and aristocratic.

Iris Dress Color Palette
Iris Nails Color Palette
Iris Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Iris will look good in the jagged pattern on Ikat fabric, but it will also look equally good in a Greek key pattern on the edges of rugs or curtains. An Iris wallpaper with a basketweave pattern that has shades of Dark Blue will look wonderful when used as a backdrop for fashion photography.

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