Jade Color

HEX color code is #449B57 and the RGB is 68, 155, 87

Who can forget the dramatic Jade dress Kiera Knightley wore in the “Atonement” movie? The silky green reflected every movement like liquid and gave the seductive dress a life of its own. Jade’s appeal resides in its jewel-like radiance and deep sultry hue. It is the color of youth, success, and harmony, though it can just as easily symbolize greed, envy, and corruption.

How the color is made: Jade is made by mixing pure cyan with very dark lime green to produce a color that is lighter than bottle green but darker than lime green.

History: Traditionally, Jade was the color of wealth. The term “Green-eye monster” was coined in Shakespeare’s play “Othello” and was originally used in the “Merchant of Venice” too when Portia speaks of “Green-eyed jealousy.” This is where the idea of Jade and jealousy originated.

Color in Action

Jade-colored dresses abound in films and stage performances. Think of Emma Stone’s gorgeous Jade dress in “Lalaland” or Alexander Hamilton’s Jade costume in the “Hamilton” play. They both respectively represent harmony and money. Jade jewelry represents nobility and wealth. In Japanese traditions, Jade is a color that is associated with ancestors and spiritual ties.
A stately home library with Jade book spines that have gold insignia speaks of refinement and high intelligence. Incorporate a Jade green mosaic backsplash in the kitchen for a classy look that feels ancient and mesmerizing.

Jade Dress
Jade Nails
Jade Sofa

Colors that go with Jade

Match Jade with dark pink for a fun and festive complementary color scheme. Or pair Jade with dark green, dark pink, and dark violet for a carnivalesque vibe.

Jade Dress Color Combination
Jade Nails Color Combination
Jade Sofa Color Combination

Jade Color Palettes and Schemes

Jade’s analogous color palette with dark cyan and dark lime green creates an Amazonic feel that evokes images of deep dark jungle expeditions.

Jade Dress Color Palette
Jade Nails Color Palette
Jade Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Wallpapers with Jade and gold polka dots will feel whimsical and fun, while damask patterns with Jade and black will have a sophisticated mood.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton