Kelly Green Color

HEX color code is #339C5E and the RGB is 51, 156, 94

A great mid-tone, relaxing yellowish-green color that not only makes you comfortable after a long day at work. But also you can never get tired of looking at it as it doesn't dull sight.
Kelly green, like other green shades, symbolizes youth, growth and health. Yet, kelly green screams with these criteria as it is one of nature's vibrant colors.

How the color is made: kelly green is a mix of green with some blue, and it also contains a significant amount of red as it can be inspected in its RGB components: 51/255 red (~20% of red), 156/255 green (~61% of green), 94/255 blue (~37% of blue). Or almost equal amounts of black and yellow (~40%) with somewhat significant amount of cyan (~67%).

History: kelly green is found in nature coloring orange tree leaves, and also other plants' leaves and branches.
Occurence: It can be seen in any green natural drawing as it appears abundantly in nature. And it is used in interior design and fashion to demonstrate green characteristics at their pea

Color in Action

Kelly green not only symbolize youth, growth and happiness as other greens. But also being such vibrant and bold resembles rebellion and autonomy. So, seeing kelly green would result in instant charge of power, refreshment, vitality and boldness. all of that without aggression.

Kelly Green Dress
Kelly Green Nails
Kelly Green Sofa

Colors that go with Kelly Green

Nature-inspired colors work very well with each other, kelly green is not an exception! other tints of green, browns, organic colors such as flowers' (yellows, deep reds, ...), and also light colors such as pale yellow, khaki, light greys. And for a bold combination use purples or deep reds.

Kelly Green Dress Color Combination
Kelly Green Nails Color Combination
Kelly Green Sofa Color Combination

Kelly Green Color Palettes and Schemes

All the aforementioned colors can be go hand in hand with kelly green to create perfect color palettes. To create a contrasty and make visible difference between various components of your graphic use deep cool colors such as bluebell, fuchsia, and rebecca purple alongside kelly green.

Kelly Green Dress Color Palette
Kelly Green Nails Color Palette
Kelly Green Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Plant patterns such as leaves and branches are rendered in an impeccable way using kelly green. But also geometric shapes work well with kelly green which create great geometric patterns. These patterns can be used as background (especially if you didn't use many details), and wallpapers. Other Kelly-green-painted artworks can be used as wallpapers and they would be eye-friendly.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton