Khaki Color

HEX color code is #605E42 and the RGB is 96, 94, 66

A medium dark tone of yellow, which doesn't stress the feeling of rush and hurry that yellow emphasizes. But it maintains a slight clue of happiness yellow symbolizes.
If seen from a distance, it can be mistaken for a pale brown, so it suggests being grounded and humble without the feeling of dirt brown omits!

How the color is made: khaki, is made by mixing an almost equal amounts of red, green and less amount of blue in the RGB color space. Its RGB components: 96/255 red (~38% of red), 94/255 green (~37% of green), 66/255 blue (~26% of blue). But the CMYK components tell a different story as khaki is comprised of 31% of yellow, 62% of black and almost zero magenta (2%), and cyan (0%).

History: khaki can be found in nature coloring some parts of tree trunks, and even some tree cores. And in some areas it colors the ground itself especially wet (but not muddy grounds).
Occurence: It can be found in posters from the 1900s as the color was slightly eye-friendly than black. And as being a natural color (of deteriorating colored papers); it can be found in old drawing (because of paper decay).

Color in Action

Being close to both browns and greys makes khaki very neutral. But being dark can create a stressing environment if used alone, Hence it is better to use it in balance with other light colors.

Khaki Dress
Khaki Nails
Khaki Sofa

Colors that go with Khaki

If used as primary color, khaki matches well with both dark pale browns, and dark pale blues. Nonetheless, it can be used as an accent with light greys and whites.

Khaki Dress Color Combination
Khaki Nails Color Combination
Khaki Sofa Color Combination

Khaki Color Palettes and Schemes

Almost all palettes created with khaki are pale and dull. But khaki can be used as an accent with other vibrant colors such as greens and yellows.

Khaki Dress Color Palette
Khaki Nails Color Palette
Khaki Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Khaki can be used instead of black to in many cases. But it is also a main color of many military clothing, and both organic and geometric patterns work well with khaki. Yet to create a peaceful background use it with lighter shades of brown to create earthly patterns. Those can be used as great background for any natural landscape and they are also great for wallpapers.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton